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Naruto Hentai Videos
2010-Jan-15 07:40 - hentai lesbos licking their small pussies

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2010-Jan-15 04:20 - Naruto shippuden hentai

Truth be told, Naruto Hentai Videos was on the fluttery side. Sure, she would get to see boys in the buff as much as she wanted, but the other edge of the sword meant that THEY would get an unlimited view of her boobies and puss. She'd have to let anyone look too, not Hentai Videos her best friends, and after that the encounters would become more and more intimate until they finally got around to the big "F". Part of the open nature of the program ensured that anyone could discontinue with no questions asked (by the naruto hentai video, at least) if it got to be too much for them, but Naruto Hentai Videos was rather sure she wouldn't still be a virgin by sex video's end.

The only caveat she was really worried about was that everyone was encouraged mix and match with different partners, especially those from other Houses with whom they normally wouldn't get more then acquainted with except under these circumstances. Again, it was the double-sided blade of SI which tried to coax students out of the shells they'd build around themselves for three sex videos and bring them more in tune with the open community they would have to join after graduation. Thankfully, her first lesson paired Gryffindor with Ravenclaw -- this was a place where Naruto Hentai Videos could really do without Malfoy and his crew.

Though the trio had made sure to arrive early by more than twenty minutes, it was obvious that everyone else had thought similar. Ere the clock even hit quarter-to, the sounds of the boys fidgeting in their seats joined with anxious whispers from the girls, escalating slowly into a heady din. The crowd knew that this would be a far more serious setting than anything so far in their wizarding careers, but even that heavy weight couldn't stop the youngsters from apprehensively chatting.

Only the entrance of their teacher managed to do that, and when the doors at last opened Hentai Videos shy of the hour, all noise ceased instantly.

"naruto hentai video naruto shippuden hentai ?" the Corner boy blurted out, echoing the thoughts of every other student in the room. The boys in particular expressed looks of utter horror, watching months of frantic, immature fantasies up and vanish like farts in the wind. Before he could get a response, however, Michael caught his gaffe with a look of sickening dread. Rumors abounded about those who'd had the privilege to attend this cartoon sex terminated for not taking it seriously, and suddenly it seemed like he might have blown his chance already.

"Well, whom did you expect?" naruto shippuden hentai  quipped once she reached her desk, dropping her things and narrowing her eyes at the upstart. He looked rather silly now, gaping openmouthed as if expecting her blast him with lightning bolts from her hands. "Relax, Mr. Corner..." she insisted, breathing deeply and making large circles with her arms to illustrate. "Though I can't read minds yet, I know exactly what you're thinking. What can an old woman teach us about fucking?"

Upon hearing the taboo word, all eighteen teenagers bolted upright in their seats. Those that had been sitting proper already nearly hurt their backs from jerking up so suddenly, but still kept their gaze fixed firmly on the naruto hentai video. She couldn't have Hentai Videos said...

"Yes, that's one term for it, although you'll not hear it from me again." naruto shippuden hentai  continued, scanning the assembled group of wizards and witches. "I believe in being frank. By the end of next semester we will hopefully have covered enough ground that hearing the word 'sex' won't cause you all to erupt in fits of giggles, but it's still a long way off."

"HOWEVER..." she enunciated, making it clear the next piece of information was particularly important. "You will have to study and work Hentai Videos as hard here as any other subject. Of course this cartoon sex has the capability to be the most enjoyable of your seven sex videos, but you are not here Hentai Videos to fool around. Those that don't take the material seriously and let themselves get carried away will be asked to leave."

"And above all, a word of caution to the men..." naruto shippuden hentai  paused, extending one finger out in a menacing gesture. The next sentence came out so cold and pitiless it made even Minerva herself shiver a bit from its power. "If any of you dare let your hormones get so out of hand that you make force yourself on one of the ladies, I assure you that your remaining adolescence will be spent in Azkaban."

For a few moments, she stood there basking in the satisfaction that Dumbledore had indeed made the right decision, as usual. Though she porn video Hagrid's recent promotion represented a sobering change of pace in the curriculum, she couldn't imagine letting someone like him try to control a room full of horny teenagers. As Moody would have agreed, constant vigilance was required to ensure the program proceeded at the same delicate pace that had served since time immemorial. One small mistake once they got down to the big-league topics, and more than a few girls would go home with bigger bellies than they arrived with...

The shock wore off quickly under the lingering tension of a Friday afternoon. Though naruto hentai video naruto shippuden hentai 's warning was stern indeed, it was not in the least bit enough to dissuade any from wishing they were a sex video younger when they would have already been back in their Houses and looking forward to the all-too brief weekend respite. Excitement for the topic at hand did take a large dive, though, the moment their instructor reached into her bottomless tartan bag and began pulling out textbooks by the pair.

"Guess we're not going to jump right into the good stuff, eh?" NarutoHentaiVideos scribbled into his notebook, casually pointing his quill at the line so hentai naruto  could read it. Naruto Hentai Videos caught it out of the corner of her eye and nudged him hard, causing her friends to burst out in silent smirks. Guiltily, NarutoHentaiVideos blotted it out, but not before Naruto Hentai Videos porn video a pang of agreement with him. It would have been relieving in a way to Hentai Videos start wading in. Wasn't this cartoon sex supposed to be different?

The books, it was explained, were charmed only to open in the room they were currently sitting in case one of the younger students got any bright ideas. Lisa Turpin timidly held up her hand until called on, almost cringing at the audacity of asking the first question. Luckily, naruto shippuden hentai  was no opponent of intelligent queries, and kindly explained that all studying would of course have to be done in this cartoon sexroom. Had Lisa been willing to look the naruto hentai video in the eye, she could have caught a tiny glimmer there that suggested that Minerva was actually hiding something from her pupils, but the moment passed without further incident.

As expected, the title-less works featured none of the hardcore images that most fourteen-sex video-olds had already come across by way of their friends in locker rooms. Naruto Hentai Videos glanced over successive pages detailing the growth of a male (the moving subjects flexing and beaming innocently to try and get her to blush) without so much as an upturned eye. hentai naruto  and NarutoHentaiVideos, meanwhile, turned straight away to the back to get a glimpse of the advanced topics, but were both clearly thwarted by the nearly medical way intercourse was depicted by books' own lackluster subjects-- no extraneous movements or expressions to indicate the act was in any way fun. One woman demonstrating on top of her lover even covered herself and wagged a disapproving finger at hentai naruto , pointing towards the beginning of the book where she knew he was supposed to be reading. Groaning inwardly, he wearily complied Hentai Videos as naruto shippuden hentai  began her lecture.

For all the students' expectations, their first lesson went at a mind-numbingly slow pace. First there was a lengthy set of rules to be committed to memory now that they were becoming adults -- number one being to retain the privacy of the material even if they porn video they had a duty to warn their siblings. Not a few eyes glanced over to NarutoHentaiVideos, who immediately concerned himself with repeatedly erasing and rewriting a word on his parchment until it very nearly tore. Gone too, they were told, were the days of innocent pranks to try and spy on each other in various stages of undress, or using magic to make clothes levitate, disappear, or become transparent. Of course, there was also a large section on what "No" meant, accompanied by a picture of a cheeky boy getting his comeuppance by way of a girlfriend's open palm.

"Almost all these rules are made for us!" Seamus Finnegan mused out loud, startling when he heard his own voice. Luckily, the naruto hentai video was back to the same understanding mood she'd been at the beginning, calmly placing her book down on the table to answer him.

"That's because boys are the only ones who break them!" she quipped succinctly, winking at the girls (who were all in perfect agreement). Perhaps this wasn't going to be as stimulating as they'd hoped, but at least it wouldn't be as worse as they'd feared.

After the preliminaries were taken care of, naruto shippuden hentai  plowed full steam ahead into the first chapter concerning the history of sexual enlightenment among the wizarding world. Unlike most Muggle histories, which were rife with egregious example of persecution towards woman and homosexuals (to only name a few), that kind of barbarism had either never existed among the high folk, or was so far removed from history that it had indeed passed out of all knowledge.

There were still scattered instances where sex played a large part in things, however. Even impeccable archmages sometimes succumbed to dueling over the affection of a beautiful sorceress, although it was grudgingly pointed out that more than a handful of witches had also denigrated into combat after being jilted. Shortly following these instances were usually great crusades called to force righteousness upon backwards cultures that had finally evolved enough to learn the ways of magic, most often in Africa or the Middle East where Hentai Videosice had yet to catch up. Naruto Hentai Videos noted with a wry smile that at least some Ministers of Magic had more than Cornelius Fudge's pitiful degree of courage.

naruto shippuden hentai  was Hentai Videos about to reach a sidenote about Ketan the Mad, a black necromancer who began raiding villages for maidens to breed with giants from the northern wastes. His massive army would eventually be defeated by the Supreme Mugwump Council, but none in the cartoon sex would find that out until next week. The head of Gryffindor House happened to notice Hentai Videos how low in the sky the sun was hanging and promptly shut her own aged tome. hentai naruto  could scarcely believe his watch, but an astounding two and a half hours had passed in the airy spire. Noticing his companions bearing equally surprised looks, he quickly muttered something about the naruto hentai video never having lost track of the time like that. All NarutoHentaiVideos could respond with was an approving "At least the stuff's more interesting without Binns..."

Naruto Hentai Videos held her opinion as long as she could -- which was all the way until dinner. Glaring annoyedly at the two of them nonchalantly piling mashed sweet potatoes onto their plates, it was only after the bushy-haired girl huffed in exasperation that hentai naruto  finally inquired what was the matter.

"Everything!" she hissed, catching the attention of Ginny and her friends sitting a few feet away. Leaning back and closing her eyes, she forced herself back into control before lowering her voice to go on. "Don't you feel a little..." she groaned, struggling to find the right word.

"Betrayed!" Naruto Hentai Videos snapped, flashing her eyes at Ginny, who was clearly eavesdropping. The Weasley girl guiltily turned her attention back to her own group.

"About what, the cartoon sex?" hentai naruto  asked, going about the buttering of his biscuits. "Well, you didn't really think all the rumors were true, did you?" Naruto Hentai Videos's face turned bright red.

"Of course not..." she said quickly, trying to save herself and doing a very poor job of it. "It's Hentai Videos that..."

But NarutoHentaiVideos would have none of it. He'd seen the look she had, and knew what a rare jewel it was at once -- Naruto Hentai Videos being embarrassed beyond the capacity for rational thought. Ignoring the tiny voice of reason within urging him not to tease the girl who featured in so many of his dreams of late, he went for the jugular.

"No..." he interrupted, a wide grin appearing on his face. "No, you really believed it! You thought we were all going to get to shag each other, didn't you!"

"Keep your voice down!" Naruto Hentai Videos answered hotly, desperate to slip out of the noose she'd stumbled into. Could it really be that she'd fretted and dwelled on a joke for so long and these two numbskulls had seen right through it?

"So did we..." hentai naruto  added wisely, all too keenly noticing how his friend's crisis alarm was about to go off, and having much better sense then NarutoHentaiVideos on what buttons shouldn't be pushed. "I guess it *was* too good to be true..."

The elephant-in-the-living-room that had been following the fourth sex videos around all week suddenly seemed to pull up a chair beside the trio and plop himself down. Acutely aware of having Hentai Videos revealed he'd hoped to see Naruto Hentai Videos naked, hentai naruto  offered a weak smile and hastily attacked his food. The others tended to their meals in silence as well, only one mind continuing to work furiously as her plate emptied. Even after the meal, she continued to muse silently in one of the Gryffindor common room's armchairs as her pals played a game of chess by the fire.

"Why would there be such a big deal, then?" she announced suddenly, drifting out of her stupor and looking at them plainly as if no time had transpired. "With keeping it a secret..."

The boys looked around instinctively to see if anyone else could hear them -- the lesson's grave warning had been well drilled into their heads. By this hour, though, most students were up to making mischief or getting started on their homework, depending on how close they were to the dreaded O.W.L exams. The few second-sex videos on the other side of the room couldn't possibly make anything out from so far away.

"Beats me..." NarutoHentaiVideos shrugged helpfully as he casually annihilated one of hentai naruto 's rooks. "Hentai Videos a big gag, I guess."

"I don't think so..." hentai naruto  interjected, remarkably calm given that he was getting his ass being handed to him in the game, already down six pieces and both knights. "I'd believe Fred and George were in on it, but not naruto shippuden hentai ."

"Yeah, it was a mite weird." NarutoHentaiVideos concurred, rapidly losing interest in the chessboard as an opportunity arose to discuss sex with a member of the fairer gender. He'd actually been much more distraught than she over the realization that they might not actually get a chance to do everything in that book together under the guise of learning. It would have taken a death eater to force him to admit it, though.

"You think maybe it gets more... in-depth?" hentai naruto  pondered, looking back and forth between his companions for strength to fight a giggle.

"Oh, why can't we Hentai Videos say it?" Naruto Hentai Videos grumbled, apparently back to her own self now that she had her footing. "I mean, if you can teach NarutoHentaiVideos to not cringe at the sound of 'Voldemort', then I can say -- fuck. We ALL thought they'd let us fuck each other."

A moment of silence passed without any funny faces of noises.

"Hooray, we did it!" she continued sarcastically, pulling her chair closer to them nonetheless. It was one thing to use vulgar language in the effort to solve another mystery, but she didn't want to sound like a slut. "Okay, so Fred and George kept dropping hints that we would get *some* kind of sex-ed course this sex video. What made it different than any of the other nonsense they try and get us to believe?"

"Mum was saying weird things all summer about me getting to be a man soon..." NarutoHentaiVideos added thoughtfully. Naruto Hentai Videos couldn't help herself and masked a chortle behind some coughing. NarutoHentaiVideos didn't notice, and turned instead to hentai naruto  for confirmation. "You, mate?"

"The Dursleys wouldn't even buy me a cup for gym at my old school." he muttered dryly. "Much less care if Hogwarts is basically going to flaunt the biggest Muggle taboo."

"And at the pace we're going..." Naruto Hentai Videos added lightheartedly. "What will naruto hentai video naruto shippuden hentai  say when we finish the book? 'Allright, then, knock yourselves out?'" This produced a healthy round of laughs from the group.

"It wouldn't really be all that bad, would it?" NarutoHentaiVideos said wistfully, echoing the sentiment for the three of them.

"Oh, NarutoHentaiVideos..." Naruto Hentai Videos sighed, looking at him with an almost pained face. "It's not that... I mean, of course I want to know what sex is like, but Hentai Videos... not with you!"

NarutoHentaiVideos stared back at her as if he'd Hentai Videos been hit full force in the chest with a bludger.

A split second later, Naruto Hentai Videos realized what she'd Hentai Videos said with a horrifying bolt of grief. "I'm so sorry, NarutoHentaiVideos..." she sputtered as soon as humanly possible, stumbling to get the words out. "God, I didn't mean it like that at all. It's Hentai Videos..." There was a tremendous, weighty pause as she tried to find the words to express herself, but none came, and she simply foundered.

"You don't want to risk ruining our being friends." hentai naruto  said flatly, trying to look noble as if he agreed with the statement, but feeling terribly shallow inside. Though he would eventually grow up to a wizard worthy of tale and song, for the moment he was only a fourteen sex video old kid who would gladly wager camaraderie for a chance to touch her. It wasn't foolish by any stretch of the imagination -- he couldn't help feeling any other way at his age.

Naruto Hentai Videos lit up upon hearing that, glad to think that hentai naruto  was indeed growing into the wise, controlled person he could need to be in the future. "To me, NarutoHentaiVideos..." she hurriedly went on. "It's be like you and Ginny having to do it. We're Hentai Videos too close!"

"I know..." NarutoHentaiVideos lied, somehow able to sense the same wave of guilt coming off hentai naruto . He was Hentai Videos now starting to come to terms with the fact that he liked Naruto Hentai Videos. Not Hentai Videos as a friend, but *really* liked her. When his bunkmates all came back at the beginning of term with the same story he'd heart bout this wonderful ice-breaker Hogwarts had to help pair up its students, the idea seemed too awesome to be possible. hentai naruto  would hold back because his eyes were on Cho Chang, and he would finally have a place to tell Naruto Hentai Videos how he porn video without sounding like he was Hentai Videos trying to use her for free sex -- because they would have already gotten past that!

He porn video only marginally less crappy, but squeezed a smile out of his lips and blathered a pleasantry. The tension between them was near straining at this point, and everyone understood that staying would serve no purpose. After Naruto Hentai Videos excused herself to round off a potions assignment so tomorrow's workload would be completely Snape-less, the boys floundered through the rest of their chess game. Neither had their heart in it, and played so sloppily that each queen was in check for several rounds before the other realized it could be taken. Eventually, both ambled off to bed with heavy hearts, wondering how a day lined with such promise could turn out so rotten inside.

Going to bed so early wasn't usual for Naruto Hentai Videos, but she couldn't think of anything else to do that wouldn't involve passing hentai naruto  and NarutoHentaiVideos downstairs. Her roommates, Parvati and Lavender, had left earlier to go nick some food from the kitchens with the Weasley twins. Though she never had allowed the pleasure of rubbing herself between the legs in her Hogwarts bed due to the danger of being disturbed, that night the urge would not be denied.

The conversation awoke such conflicted and confused feelings in her, Naruto Hentai Videos was no longer sure which voice was hers any longer. Was it the inhibited side carefully rationalizing that there were other things in like besides books and exams? That maybe being a virgin wasn't such a big deal, and she was missing out on truly enjoying the best sex videos of her life? If so, why the stNarutoHentaiVideosg jerk from her unconscious mind every time she thought about doing it with hentai naruto  or NarutoHentaiVideos? They were as close as siblings -- who better to help and be helped in learning about this part of herself? Maybe it was only a Freudian mental block she was feeding by all this pointless wheel-spinning.

Then again, she could be falling into a trap of blindly conforming to what her peers were doing. More than anything, Naruto Hentai Videos had always prided herself on being her own person and deciding things based on careful dissection, not rash judgements. If all else, she could always choose to liberally explore her sexual side later -- a few sex videos really wouldn't make much difference. Once she decided to lay down with a boy, though, there was no turning back.

In the end, the troubled witch realized she was going in circles and snuck over to Parvati's bunk, sliding a butterbeer out from between the steel mesh which supported each Hogwarts mattress. They all knew that while the teachers turned a blind eye to drinking the stuff in town because it didn't have too much alcohol in it, it would probably be a good idea not to get caught with it in the castle. A spontaneous girl-power moment during their inaugural trip to Hogsmeade had led the ladies to smuggled a dozen or so bottles back hidden in bags of sweets and souvenirs, not even daring to tell the guys. Contrary to their counterparts' belief, girls did not simply disapparate upon ascending the staircase to the female quarters and then reappear come morning with nothing in-between. Naruto Hentai Videos loved the fact that not only did she have a sort of secret life up here, but that hentai naruto  and NarutoHentaiVideos would never even question any of it existed.

Tiptoeing in her stocking feet across the cool stone, she glided over to the door and pulled it open halfway, knowing it was a better tradeoff to hear every raspy step and amplified conversation than to muffled them and possibly get surprised with a hand down her pants. With a giddy smile as she scampered back under the covers, Naruto Hentai Videos twisted the top of her bootlegged suds off and downed a quarter of it in one gulp. She leaned over and grabbed a book off her shelf in case either of the girls returned, taking greedy swigs from the bottle every few seconds. In short order her tummy was full and her brain pleasantly addled by the booze Hentai Videos enough to loosen her up.

It only took a moment to realize that feeling her womanhood through loose pajamas was infinitely more satisfying than trying to pet her slit through the tight fabric of a pair of panties. That first glorious rush of gratification swept through her whole body, enhanced by both the alcohol in her system and the ease with which she could pinch the folds in her clothing and rub them across that tender swath of flesh. As always, the first few minutes were absolute heaven as her budding clitoris begged for softer stimulation, her body knowing all-too-well what was best.

Eventually the blazing warmth died down a bit, but Naruto Hentai Videos was determined to wring every last drop of gratification from her vagina until soreness forced her to ease back and let it rest. The harsh method she used to masturbate did indeed feel wonderful at first, but unfortunately stimulated her loins entirely too much to last until she could climax. As it were, Naruto Hentai Videos had no idea that there was ecstasy so far beyond this simple happiness.

She even allowed herself to moan softly in appreciation of her own touch, something that wasn't possible anywhere else but in the female showers downstairs (and assuming nobody else was around). It porn video so marvelous to keep going and still feel so horny -- even without looking at a clock Naruto Hentai Videos knew that this would be a record-breaking frig session. Constantly switching hands so she wouldn't tire too soon, it was only the occasional mini-stroke each time she heard someone blunder up the stairs that kept her from finally having an orgasm that night. After the interminable wait before she could be certain that they had gotten off on a lower floor or continued upwards, the panting girl went right on chafing her downy privates, dreading the building irritation that would force her to stop.

Alas, like a thief it came, stealing away the magnificent rush and leaving only longing and frustration in its place. The minutes after were always cruel, but it was a small price to pay for those fantastic minutes of absolute bliss. Rolling onto her belly, Naruto Hentai Videos magicked the lights off with her wand and let it clang sharply on the floor, too wound up to even consider retrieving it. Her crotch porn video like it was on fire -- already burning through her damp pajama bottoms and leaving the tell-tale scent she would discover in the morning. That could be taken care of then, however.

In fact, the only other thing she managed to drag herself to do was slip the butterbeer bottle under the bedspread with her. True, a house elves would otherwise have taken it away without saying anything, but that still porn video sloppy. The whole point was to get away with it -- a naughtily appealing idea that excited her almost as much as playing with herself. As she drifted off to sleep, the brilliant wizardress was left with one last thought rolling around in her head. 
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